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Finding HOPE by Digging Deep-Individual, Marriage and family Counselling

Our Hope

The journey of hope at Island of hope counselling

            Our Hope for you is that you know there is a comforting space for you to be able to dig deep, share what was unearthed, learn new tools to overcome the concerns you have – within yourself, your relationship, on the job or with friends and family. 

          Our hope is that you to learn to shift your thoughts, emotions, and life activities so that it will help build healthier relationships, help work through past hurts and traumas, help to grow love and accept self, help to improve your self-worth and help to care for yourself at levels you can openly express. 

          Our hope is that the change you want serves your highest good, banishes all doubts, and provides pursuits that bring you optimism, joy, and reverence. We want you to thrive, succeed, and live your best life. 

           Our hope is that counselling helps resolve obstacles, frustration, and lack of hope by meeting your established goals in measurable ways. We are inspired by your courage to step into the counselling process and because of that we believe possibilities for healing outcomes takes place here and now in the therapeutic relationship. 

          Our hope in therapy, is that you will gain greater self-awareness, learn new strategies, ways of thinking, and new perspectives. Also time to practice your new strategies between sessions create and reinforces new neural pathways to solid change. 

           Our hope as you initiate change in therapy and between sessions you will gain a sense of freedom from your original struggles. We want you to walk forward in life, knowing yourself or others even better, and feeling old situations have healed. 

        Our hope is that if you notice old symptoms or patterns resurfacing, you will make a decision to reconnect with your therapist. Sometimes the need to revisit us, just means the timing may be right to gentle dig old or new stuff that is ready to heal some more. 


We cannot wait to meet you and walk beside you on your journey of HOPE.


Counselling Services for individuals, couples, and families

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